While I am now based in Maine, my career as a designer of graphics and museum exhibitions and photographer has stretched over the Northeastern U.S. As a museum exhibition and graphic designer, I have helped a wide range of cultural institutions to develop, design, and implement exhibition projects as diverse subjects including art, history, natural history, and science—from working with precious artifacts to designing outdoor panels to interpret historic landscapes. I have helped organizations to present yet preserve their collections and share stories about people and their world in ways that are visually beautiful, accessible, and engaging. My portfolio of exhibition projects includes recent projects; as an active museum consultant I continue to work with organizations of all sizes and budgets.


My experience is both on staff and as a consultant to cultural organizations. I have worked on the staff of the American Museum of Natural History and the Franklin Institute. I have also worked as a design consultant for many museums, cultural institutions, and businesses. The clients range from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the Common Grounds coffee bar. Current clients include the Adirondack Museum and the McLaughlin Gardens in South Paris, Maine.


Exhibition and graphic design projects often call upon photography skills, behind the lens and in the editing process. Initially trained in darkroom techniques, I have extensive experience in digital photography and have developed a portfolio of fine art photography. The pared down features in many of these photographs reflect my interest in natural history, in the passage of time, and the remnants of the past in the present. While the photographs were taken in places as diverse as the lakes and beaches in Maine, gardens in England, and the rural hills of central New York state, all of the images reveal my preference for the simplicity and a certain joyfulness that can exist with austerity. 


These photographs may be purchased as prints, and I’m available for portrait, landscape, interior, and art/ artifact photography.


Contact information:

e-mail: tedandersondandp@gmail.com

Phone: 315-750-0600